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Why are lace front so popular ?

lace front

If you have ever watched a music video or seen celebs on the red carpet then you probably wonder how their hair looks so amazing all of the time or how they are able to go from colour to colour and cut to cut without damage. The truth is most of them are wearing lace front wigs and hardly ever touch or style their natural hair underneath.

Initially these wigs were used in theatres and drama productions as characters were able to change their style and look completely different without having to change their own natural hair. This meant that directors could be as extravagant as they wanted with the costume design, since then there has been more of a cross over into the mainstream where firstly celebrities and now the rest of us common folk can now benefit from this super technology.

The Lace front wig basically gives the illusion of a natural hairline which is an upgrade from a regular wig which can often look unnatural depending on the style whereas with a lace front wig the hair will literally look like it is growing from your scalp!

This allows you much more flexibility than normal wigs because you can have your hair tied in a ponytail or your hair all back away from your face without worrying about how it looks. The added benefit is that you can choose colours or styles that would be difficult to achieve on your natural hair without causing severe damage, in fact many women go for the brightest and most extravagant colours just because they can, for example if you’ve ever watched RuPaul‘s drag race most of the contestants are wearing lace front wigs and they really do bring the drama.

They are slightly more expensive than a regular wig just because of the effort that goes into making them. Each individual strand of hair is carefully placed into a lace material that looks like the scalp. You can also buy them ready made or custom to your head shape and hairline so that you get the most natural finish but expect to pay for what you get. Lace fronts are not a cheap option and require a lot more care than standard wigs or other types of hair extensions. They are very high maintenance and should be reserved for those who have the time to care for them.

Recently more and more women who have experienced hair loss that doesn’t allow them to wear other types of hair extensions such as the Strand by strand method or clip ins are opting for lace front wigs. Even if you are completely bald or have severe hair loss you can wear a lace front wig and nobody can tell the difference.

Some people use a lace frontal which is a piece of hair that will cover from the hairline to the crown. By using a frontal you can either construct a wig using long wefts of hair with the sew in method. This is a good way to balance the cost as the frontal is much cheaper than a full lace wig and that back is covered so you  can still get the natural look for a fraction of the price. However if you want a full wig without the sew in at the back, this can easily be made custom or purchased. A full lace wig allows you to have your hair completely covered but still give the illusion that you are not wearing any type of hair piece. The lace is meant to mimic the appearance of the scalp so that you can tie your hair up in any partings or in any direction as you please and the hair should look like it’s growing right from your head.

A good lace wig can be very expensive so it’s really important you choose the vendor wisely, much more so than other types of extensions that you can often get away with having lower quality hair. With lace front extension you want to make sure that the hairline looks as natural as possible even though you are able to customise it once you receive it, also choose the colour of the lace that best matches your scalp as you want to have a seamless blend from any style you choose to wear it in. if the lace is too light or dark it will stand out next to your skin. You can often tell if a lace wig is made cheaply as the knots which are where the strands of hair meet the lace are often very bulky and look fake. A good lace will have undetectable knots as only a few strand of hair are looped together to make it look realistic.

If you find that when you buy your lace front the knots are very dark, you can bleach them to make them look a bit more realistic however this technique takes a lot of skill so it’s best to leave it to a hairdresser unless you have experience doing it yourself. This is also the case when customising the hairline as if you over pluck it, you can’t put the hair back in and so may end up ruining the look of the wig and also damaging the lace.

The install is really really easy once you have done it a few times to get the hang of it. Some wigs come with elastic band around the bottom so that it fits just like a normal wig and is easy just to put on and take off, they may also have combs like clip ins for added security.

Other wigs may require you to attach them to your skin around your forehead and hairline using a glue or tape, these products are usually quite cheap and easily available it just takes a little bit of practice to get the positioning just right.

Lace front wigs are the best option if you have hair loss that makes having hair extensions difficult or you really want to go for a style but don’t want to do any damage to your natural hair and don’t want to leave any hair out. Beyoncé Kylie Jenner are known for their amazing lace front wigs in fact they have some amazing stylist we usually think that is their natural hair when in fact it’s all a wig.

If you were thinking about buying a lace front wig, always have a little bit of a larger budget than you would usually spend on a normal wig or hair extensions but with the right care your wig can last a lifetime. You just need to make sure you use good products, keep it clean and tangle free and always store it in a bag or a wig stand when you are not wearing it so that it keeps it shape. The beauty of the lace front wig is that you can dye it, change the style and cut. Soon once you have had it for a while, you are able to revamp it and make it look completely different without having to spend too much more money.