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How many Calories in a hamburger


Do you love a delicious burger? Although hamburgers are a staple on the menu of most fast food restaurants, an occasional single patty burger is often a part of a reasonable, nutritious diet. You simply have to know how to order or how to cook a hamburger to keep it healthy. Burgers are an instance American favorite. A way to enjoy a burger meal in a fast-food restaurant without breaking the calorie bank is to order a daily burger, a little portion of fries and a diet drink.

Eating a hamburger can boost your saturated fat intake. hamburger, the first ingredient in a burger, is high in saturated fat. and a few people even prepare their burgers using extra fat like butter or oil.


Saturated fat is connected to a better risk of cardiovascular disease. The nutrition consultants at the Academy of Nutrition and life science recommend that you just limit your saturated fat intake to 10 % of your total daily calorie consumption.​ But the news is not all unhealthy if you love a good burger. A hamburger will provide some nutritional price. it is a good supply of protein, iron, phosphorus, alternative|and several other} other nutrients. If you decide on to eat your hamburger on whole grain bun, it should also give healthy, filling fiber.

A normal plain regular hamburger has 254 calories. It additionally has 10 g of fat, 29 g of sugars and 13 g of protein, as indicated by the USDA National Nutrient Database. One tbsp of mayonnaise includes 100 calories, one tbsp of mustard includes 15 calories, and vegetables include around 20 calories. This indicates 499 aggregate calories.

Small Fries and Diet Coke

A 3-oz. serving of french fries contains around 230 calories, and a diet coke contains zero calories.


Together, the burger, fries, and drink mean 629 calories. Compare this with a meal containing a large hamburger with condiments and vegetables, a large fry and a daily soda, that has a calorie total of 1,190.