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Dog Breeds

The 5 best dog breeds

1. Labrador


There s a reason why Labs are the foremost popular breed in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, also as here in the US. they are devoted and obedient and have even temperaments that build them sensibly with each youngster and different animals.

Bred to be eager to please and elvish companions, Labs are sensible and commonly chosen as guide dogs and service dogs for blind or unfit individuals. They also build understanding therapy dogs and might be trained to aid law enforcement and different official agencies by screening and detection work.

2. Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Pembroke Welsh Corgis


Corgis have a cult-like following in the main because of their playful and sweet personalities. According to Welsh mythology, the Pembroke Welsh corgi was even the transportation mode of alternative for fairies.

Though they will be shy with strangers, Corgis are smart with children and have a strong desire to please their owners. They re also one of the silliest-looking dogs, with large ears, a long torso, and a big butt. Simply monitor their food intake closely since this breed is liable to overeating.

3. German Shepherds

Dog Breeds

A relatively new breed (they start to 1899), German Shepherds are exceptional animals: brave, obedient, incredibly loyal, and desperate to learn. German Shepherds are very intelligent too and excel at most something they are trained to try and do. They are sometimes used as service dogs and police dogs to protect officers and find drugs or human remains.

German Shepherds love their humans such a lot that they will suffer from separation anxiety and can become destructive once bored alone at home.

4. Beagles

Dog Breeds


Because of their intelligence, Beagles are used by enforcement at airports to smell baggage for things that are not permitted. Due to their friendly nature and look, Beagles don’t worry passengers.

This breed also has a lack of inherited health issues and an excellent temper that is good for families and little children. The most common reason Beagles are abandoned or turned over to the pound is as a result of their owners could not stand their howling. This will be controlled by training your dog early to avoid excessive barking.

5. Poodles


Poodles get a nasty rap. however they are easy to train since they are so intelligent and are spirited, fun-loving, and loyal family dogs. Poodles are often attention seekers, therefore do not be surprised if this people-oriented breed is consistent with you

They re also protective of their families and houses and may become aggressive with people outside the family or with different dogs.